{NFP Awareness Week} Deetailz, minor Deetailz.

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{NFP Awareness Week} NO H8, EDUCATE.

“–You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” “What, Mom? What is it???” My 4 year old standing in the bathroom door advanced toward me as I looked up from the toilet. “Oh– QUICK! I need more toilet paper, can you … Continue reading

What your Doctor won’t tell you about Birth Control… and may not even know him/herself.

A problem exists with the way medicine is currently practiced. One issue is that things really aren’t set up so doctors can get to know their patients well, thoroughly answer all questions and concerns, and also adequately inform their patients of all options and the ramifications of each one. A 15 minute office visit just doesn’t lend itself to this. This is true in the area of birth control just as anywhere else. Overworked doctors, little rapport, a multi-billion dollar contraceptive industry, and incomplete education for OB/GYNs can make it difficult for patients to really know what happens to their bodies with any given birth control method. I passionately believe that women deserve to know how their bodies naturally work and how each form of contraception interferes with their natural functioning. How can they give informed consent without it?

This is a simple, yet thorough explanation about the things doctors may not tell women about Birth Control and probably don’t know themselves.  In fact, I’d HOPE doctors don’t know this, or else I’d be enraged to know they’re shelling out scripts left and right knowingly putting women at such risks.  

This week has been National NFP Awareness Week, and wouldn’t you know it, I haven’t posted a single thing!  I told you I was off my groove.  I’ll try to share some of the more exciting and informative posts I’ve read this week, later today or tomorrow.  

What your Doctor won’t tell you about Birth Control… and may not even know him/herself.

I Think it’s Cute How Much Jezebel Loves Being Wrong About Things

The article above, by Kristen Walker, echoes what I continue to write about the Pill as a regulator of women’s hormones and as an abortifacient.  I love reading about other women who believe they deserve better, who took a road less-traveled, asked questions, and talked to other women.  She too, has found the “still more excellent way” and will always be healthier for it.  Bravo for a woman with an engaging brain! 

“But what Sandra Fluke and others are screaming about is that women use birth control pills for things other than preventing pregnancy, such as regulating periods and correcting hormonal imbalances. Now, I know a little something about hormonal imbalances. I won’t go into detail, but I experienced hormonal imbalance so severely that I experienced “that time of the month” non-stop for 18 months. (Looky there, I just went into detail.) I became severely anemic and very sick. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and adrenal fatigue, among other things. “

I Think it’s Cute How Much Jezebel Loves Being Wrong About Things