The Naming of Our New House + St. Nick Day

Hai thurh.
Mr. Lexington is in wonderment of this Advent season.  Since our recent move into the city (and by city, I mean town: farm equipment in the roads, horse-drawn carriage parades), the Christmas lights abound, and at night, the streets are aglow with a pinkish tint that makes everything seem cozier.
Moving from Bumpy Bridge, it was just black outside and we had no idea what was going on weather-wise until the morning. So, having such revolutionary technologies as street lamps and neighbors who decorate their house is very exciting, and my people have much to observe.

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As we know, Lexington is responsible for the naming of Bumpy Bridge. We’ve given him the task of naming our new house, and here are some of the runners up:

  • New House
  • Toy House
  • Smoky Bones
  • Lunch House

The winner?

Happy House

Complete with padded rooms and restraint tables.
Happy House is still in Beta mode, and Lexington slips up and calls it Bumpy Bridge from time to time so we’ll see if I can’t suggest something a little less Arsenic & Old Lace.

How did St. Nicholas day go-or-not-go with your family? 4 Years later, I remembered to say something about it to my people. Catechizing my family: the success story, right here, folks.

Since Lexington was born, Craig and I agreed that we didn’t like the idea of Santa Claus in the secular view of Christmas, but instead, we would teach our boys about the real St. Nicholas, and of the spirit of gift giving without expecting anything in return, even praise for such a generous deed.

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Collin got the shaft with hospital-issued Teddy Grahams (from one of Emmett’s evaluations) I found shoved to the back of the pantry.

Here’s the extent of Lexington’s knowledge thus far:

Carolyn: Lexington, what can you tell me about St. Nicholas?
Lexington: I can’t.
Carolyn: You’re telling me after everything we talked about, you don’t know anything?
Lexington: Yep. I don’t know.


I am still getting over my cold, but I must say, if you ever need to grow up really quick, try parenthood. There’s nothing like gagging on phlegm, turning to barf full-throttle into the kitchen sink, looking up, wearily and no one has noticed.
But hey, “give me juice please mom!”
“Okay.” and back to business as usual.

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