Why The Mass is Like a Dictionary

I am not comfortable writing about Catholicism. It exposes my faith in something that cannot be fully, completely proved. Whenever I voice things about which I’m passionate, someone’s royal highness is always offended, and believe it or not, it’s not … Continue reading

Probably the Most Beautiful Birth Story Ever

My friend shared this link with me this morning.  Go on, click on the title, watch the video, if not, at least some of it.

I like photography. I am a passionate pro-lifer. So one could assume that I’d be a fan of photographed births.  But oddly enough, I’m not comfortable with that idea for my own births.  I view giving birth as one of the most intimate events life offers and I ignorantly assume the photographer will take photos of my bum, which of course no one wants to see.
 But this story is one for the documentation.  Not that all births are not.  But this one is more precious to behold because the parents chose life in the face of hearing that their baby is “not compatible with life”, when, as Rick Santorum has shared with media during his presidential campaign, “Almost 100 percent of Trisomy 18 children are encouraged to be aborted”


This story is physical proof of love and faith.  This is a story to say to anyone who can’t get it through their minds that not everything can be controlled by man and that even when the doctors tell us the worst of news, a miracle is still possible.  One only needs to have faith as tiny as a mustard seed. 
How could there be regret in that?

“God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.”  –Jacques Deval

This doctor also delivered my first son. So there I had a very emotional connection to the story. <3

Probably the Most Beautiful Birth Story Ever

“But I will show you a still more excellent way.”
1 Corinthians 12.  
Oh yes, I’m starting off with the Bible! 

For years and years my favorite Bible verse has been—and continues to be—John 16:33:

“I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.”

I have drawn upon my strength and perseverance, my peace and confidence from this verse.  When I was in spiritual turmoil, years ago, I stumbled across this verse while trying to read the Book of John in my dormitory at college.  It had a powerful impact upon me.  Whatever my troubles, my stresses and frustrations might currently be, Jesus has conquered them.  He has conquered the world.  And I should have peace in my heart, in my being because of it.  And because of these words, I do.  I have peace, courage, strength, perseverance and confidence in myself and what I believe.  It’s an amazing, AMAZING empowerment to carry.  And I thank God for this gift.  And I know I must use it. Somehow.  For years I have been praying and patiently waiting for the venue to present itself, and in the meantime, I’m studying.  I’m suiting-up in my armor of knowledge.  

Just so you know. 

This verse, 1 Corinthians 12 has also impacted me greatly.   It ties directly to John 16:33.  ”In the world you will have trouble…” “But I will show you a still more excellent way.”

This is where, for the faithful, it’s so important to be at peace and listen for God’s whisper, to be still and feel God’s hand guide us in our life.

Instead of saying “Oh no, what am I going to do!?  I just can’t go on like this anymore!! I am lost! I have no other choice! I’ve got to do SOMETHING! If I don’t take action, it’s not going to fix itself! I, I, I, me, me, me, you, you, YOU! woe, woe, woe! MISERY!!!”

Be at peace. 

In this world of fast food and instant gratification (iPhone, anyone?) it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to be at peace when something as stressful as a crisis pregnancy comes along, or a job is lost, or a car is crashed, or you get sick, or your family member tells lies about you.  We are made to feel like we must be in complete control of our situation because no one else is going to care, no one else is going to help.  

I’ve been right there with you.  I hate not being in control… right down to how my sons’ diapers are put on them.  (I’m serious.) 

That is where faith comes in.  Faith in something greater than yourself.  We are not a God, after all.  God is God.   We can only do so much.  We can only control so much.

My mom constantly reminds me that the only person I can change is myself.  ”You change yourself and you’ll start seeing things differently, a world will open up to you that you couldn’t see before.”   

So, that is why I am using 1 Cor 12 as my sub-header.  No matter what choice I don’t think I have anymore, there is ALWAYS a still more excellent way.  

Abortion, birth control, Planned Parenthood.  
There is a more excellent way. 
 And it begins and ends in Peace.  If we can only have the faith, there are others who would educate us about that more excellent way; the way that teaches women are better than what PP says we are, the way that says “Women deserve better”

Resources On Life

Why We March For Life

Today is the 2012 March For Life!  I hope all goes peacefully for the marchers, especially the St. Francis de Sales group and all college kids.  Last year over 400,000 marchers protested Roe v Wade.  hmmmm…let’s see how many news stations cover that, and actually air the massive amount of young people filling the street in front of the Capitol… 

If that lump of cells, that zygote, that fetus, is not human -doesn’t have human DNA (which it does)- then what sort of alien grows on its own in a woman’s uterus?  I don’t wanna be putting my rosary on anyone’s ovaries- put religion aside and look at BASIC biology!  I “put my rosary” on the voiceless, innocent human being at the mercy of an ignorant-to-basic-human-biology’s momma.

If I hadn’t chosen life for Lexington -he was unplanned, after all- he would never be here.  No, not in the next pregnancy, or years later.  Each conception is unique, each human conceived in the womb has a unique set of DNA. So the idea of sparing myself the worry of having a baby at that moment by “terminating the pregnancy” (aka “Killing my son, Lexington”), would literally TERMINATE him.  Him and his little quirks, his artistic flair that he already possesses at 2 1/2 years old!  He would never return to my womb.  I would never know him, I would never know what his little voice sounds like, I would never see his smile.

[I just had to holler at him, “I hope you’re being nice and sharing with Emmett!” and he responded, “I hope not!”

My reasons for defending the right to life began in science.  My faith picked up any ends that science could not answer and supported that each human life is worthy of the chance to live, to grow, to pursue love and happiness.  No matter under what circumstance a human may be conceived, killing that human is not the answer.  Killing that human will not benefit the mother. Does anyone really think a woman who has chosen abortion really goes tap-dancing out of the place that maimed the insides of her uterus? In fact, we now know that abortion hurts the mother: psychologically, and physically. We know that abortion increases the risk of cancer.  The link above give gives those statistics.

Teen and pregnant? Think about all the sides.  One girl put it this way, “I realize now that 9 months of pain [pregnancy and embarrassment] is better than a lifetime of pain”

And at the bare minimum, I wonder, if the individual who thinks abortion is right, and good for women: have you witnessed an abortion?  Have you witnessed one of your sisters being stripped of her life, her opportunity, her equality?  I have.  You can too.  
If anyone can watch this, and not be rocked to their core, remain impasse, completely cold to the life that just crumbled in front of our very eyes, then I can only hope that those images will haunt the individual forever. Its a terrible event to watch.  
But so was lynching human beings because of their skin color.  At one time in our shameful history, because of their skin color, a black man/woman was not considered a human being, worthy of rights LEGALLY..
So also was gassing, and incinerating human beings because of their religion.  One ruler mandated that Jews were not worthy of human rights.

We study these painful images to remind us to never have it repeated.  Study an abortion.  It should not be allowed in such a beautiful nation.


(Obviously, this video contains images in the most graphic sense possible, if you’re not ready to have your heart changed, come back and watch it later, please.)

Resources On Life