Honey-poo FAIL

I tried it youse guys.
The honey poo I was talkin about?
I regret to report that alas,
’tis not fer this wee lassie.

As I was a’mixin up my little concoction, it occurred to me: how was this going to detangle my back-brushings, and how was honey mixed in water going to clean my 7 day unwashed, hair-sprayed-upon-hair-sprayed hair? I had read the post from whence the recipe came about 50 times and was gung-ho, give me the Pom-poms cause I am Stacy the Honey-Poo cheerleader –but then again, cheerleaders seem more like omgsh like eww, literally? Put HUNNIE? In my hayyyyur?!
No offense cheerleaders, mucho love! But those words headlined in my brain as I opened the shower door.

It further occurred to me, as I stepped in, armed with my little bottle of warmed honey + water + essential oils, that the honey poo method might not be for me. I take tremendous delight in a solid blow-out and Kenra25 hairspray, and I realized that no-pooers may not be as into heat-styling and product-using as I am so. entirely. addicted.

I’m not a night time hair washer.
I feel it a bit uncouth to leave the house with wet hair. …says the girl who doesn’t even WASH it but once a week, I know, I know, I’m a walking contradiction…

All of these epiphanies were confirmed once I began applying to my soaked hair.

I poured/sprayed the honey-poo onto my scalp as best I could, and wondered if it even penetrated my dense, teased bird’s nest.
Could. Not. Run. Fingers. Through. Hair.
The smell of the essential oils was nice, however.
Even though the blog instructions inform that I needed not bother with conditioner, I rubbed a teeny bit onto my ends because HOW IN THE WORLD WAS I SUPPOSED TO COMB THROUGH THIS BACK-BRUSHED DISASTER!? I know, I know, heaven forbid I brush through it before I get into the shower– but ain’t no momma got time for that!
I felt determined to plough through and at least blowdry and style my hair before I made any judgements.

Halfway through blow-drying my waxy roots, which looked like perhaps I’d just shampooed with the sweat collected from the pits and cracks of plumbers, or football players, or quite possibly bacon grease, yeah definitely bacon grease, I threw in the towel. I mean, my roots weren’t even waxy before the shower.

I ran my head under the tub faucet and shampooed with shampoo and glory glory hallelujah.

So my findings are as follows:

Maybe honey-poo might be a good option for someone who washes her hair more often and wishes to cut back on product build up, but still shampoos one a week? I dunno?

Maybe the honey-poo would be good for someone who does not usually heat-style her hair.

When I do wash my hair, I want to be able to comb, blowdry and style it. This method –I assume-assumes I don’t generally style my hair at all.

I guess that makes me less crunchy in this dossier of my lifestyle.
I mean, hey Jack, you want au naturel, you can go along and dip water out of a well and bathe in that.
Which my Granny did as a girl. I’ve seen the well and used the out-house she grew up with. Now that’s crunchy.

If in fact we do break out into WWIII, and the shampoo factories shut down (because, you know, that’s the WORST that could happen, 1st World Probz.) I know I have other options.

Perhaps I didn’t give this a fair shot. The blogger does warn about a “transition period” where the honey-pooer’s hair may go through a dull phase as her ph balance adjusts.

For this gal, I already only wash my hair once a week, so when I do finally wash, I want the whole shebang. I NEED it. I don’t have the time or patience to go through a waxy transition period right now. A nice shower and shampooing are equivalent to a day long spa trip for me right now.

But I should’ve known this probably wouldn’t be a fitting design as I tend to like my hair slightly teased and ironed …however far and few between I may actually accomplish it…

I’m not writing this method off at all. It may work for many peeps!
Nay, not I. Thought I may giver another try down the road. ¬†Perhaps I still don’t fully understand the idea.
It was a fun(ish) experiment and I’m not sorry I tried it!
Anyone have positive experiences to share?
What do I use?
Say Yes to Carrots!

Munch munch munch.


What do you use to wash your hair?

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