“But I will show you a still more excellent way.”
1 Corinthians 12.  
Oh yes, I’m starting off with the Bible! 

For years and years my favorite Bible verse has been—and continues to be—John 16:33:

“I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.”

I have drawn upon my strength and perseverance, my peace and confidence from this verse.  When I was in spiritual turmoil, years ago, I stumbled across this verse while trying to read the Book of John in my dormitory at college.  It had a powerful impact upon me.  Whatever my troubles, my stresses and frustrations might currently be, Jesus has conquered them.  He has conquered the world.  And I should have peace in my heart, in my being because of it.  And because of these words, I do.  I have peace, courage, strength, perseverance and confidence in myself and what I believe.  It’s an amazing, AMAZING empowerment to carry.  And I thank God for this gift.  And I know I must use it. Somehow.  For years I have been praying and patiently waiting for the venue to present itself, and in the meantime, I’m studying.  I’m suiting-up in my armor of knowledge.  

Just so you know. 

This verse, 1 Corinthians 12 has also impacted me greatly.   It ties directly to John 16:33.  ”In the world you will have trouble…” “But I will show you a still more excellent way.”

This is where, for the faithful, it’s so important to be at peace and listen for God’s whisper, to be still and feel God’s hand guide us in our life.

Instead of saying “Oh no, what am I going to do!?  I just can’t go on like this anymore!! I am lost! I have no other choice! I’ve got to do SOMETHING! If I don’t take action, it’s not going to fix itself! I, I, I, me, me, me, you, you, YOU! woe, woe, woe! MISERY!!!”

Be at peace. 

In this world of fast food and instant gratification (iPhone, anyone?) it becomes EXTREMELY difficult to be at peace when something as stressful as a crisis pregnancy comes along, or a job is lost, or a car is crashed, or you get sick, or your family member tells lies about you.  We are made to feel like we must be in complete control of our situation because no one else is going to care, no one else is going to help.  

I’ve been right there with you.  I hate not being in control… right down to how my sons’ diapers are put on them.  (I’m serious.) 

That is where faith comes in.  Faith in something greater than yourself.  We are not a God, after all.  God is God.   We can only do so much.  We can only control so much.

My mom constantly reminds me that the only person I can change is myself.  ”You change yourself and you’ll start seeing things differently, a world will open up to you that you couldn’t see before.”   

So, that is why I am using 1 Cor 12 as my sub-header.  No matter what choice I don’t think I have anymore, there is ALWAYS a still more excellent way.  

Abortion, birth control, Planned Parenthood.  
There is a more excellent way. 
 And it begins and ends in Peace.  If we can only have the faith, there are others who would educate us about that more excellent way; the way that teaches women are better than what PP says we are, the way that says “Women deserve better”


Studies: Birth Control, Contraception Don’t Cut Abortions

One study, based on Centers for Disease Control data, established clear links between birth control and increases in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STD increases are a very reliable indicator of increased sexual activity and show that contraception is wrongly perceived as low-cost insurance — a perception that motivates increased sexual activity.

And more sex means more pregnancies. Why? Because contraception is far from 100% effective, and with mass distribution of contraception comes a commensurate increase in sexual activity. More pregnancies will result because contraception fails in predictable percentages.

It is noteworthy that failure rates are highest in Planned Parenthood’s customer base:

Failures are highest among cohabitating and other unmarried women, among low income, African-American and Hispanic women, among adolescents and women in their 20s. For example, adolescent women who are not married but cohabitating experience a failure rate of about 47% in the first year of contraceptive use.

“It is noteworthy that failure rates are the highest in Planned Parenthood’s customer base”

“We have to keep these people as patients” and “We must turn every call and visit into a revenue-generating client.”

How can one not see these connections to Planned Parenthood?  How can even the pro-choice advocate not be disgusted with Planned Parenthood?  Am I wrong in believing that a pro-choicer still believes that helping women in need is at the core of their advocacy?

How can we actually believe that contraception is good and healthy for a woman?  

Unless we believe that pregnancy is a DISEASE, then, yes contraception (sometimes) will cure us of that ailment.  And only SOMETIMES: 

Planned Parenthood concedes on their website that, “Being continuously abstinent is the only way to be absolutely sure that you won’t have an unintended pregnancy or get a sexually transmitted disease (STD)… abstinence is 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. It also prevents STDs.”14 On their chart comparing the effectiveness of different birth control methods, Planned Parenthood estimates that 2-9% of pill users will get pregnant in any given year and 15-24% of condom users will still wind up with an unplanned pregnancy.15 Abby Johnson makes a revealing observation concerning her own birth control history. “There’s an incredible irony,” she writes, “in the fact that I had a career in educating women about contraception and yet, for the third time, conceived while using contraceptives.”16 If you scoff at the CDC assertion that 12% of the women using birth control still wind up pregnant, consider that even a professional, sex-educator – the director of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic wound up with three unplanned pregnancies – all while using contraceptives.  

(Source: http://www.abort73.com/abortion_facts/birth_control_and_abortion/)

  • But does chemical contraceptives prevent cancer? Umm, no. Chemical contraceptives actually increase the risks of Breast and Uterine cancer.    (#5.2, pg 169 from the World Health Organization)
  • What about AIDS? Sexually Transmitted Diseases??  Taken from the link at the title of this entry :
    One study, based on Centers for Disease Control data, established clear links between birth control and increases in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). STD increases are a very reliable indicator of increased sexual activity and show that contraception is wrongly perceived as low-cost insurance — a perception that motivates increased sexual activity.”

How can we sanely rationalize that contraceptives are overall beneficial for a woman, unless the only —ONLY— benefit that an advocate has in his/her tunnel vision is to NOT BE PREGNANT?

 Are we so blinded by our desire to have consequence-free sex on demand that we will negate the other, much more life threatening issues as unimportant, so long as we don’t get pregnant?   

Pam Stenzel, an international speaker of chastity and abstinence, says in one of her talks that before she began speaking, she was a counselor for women in crisis for 15 years.  She says that many of the girls would heave a huge sigh of relief when they found out that their pregnancy test came back negative.  

Then Pam would ask, “but have you been tested for syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, trichinoma, vulvadema, urethritis, hepatitis B, HPV or HIV? You have a four times greater chance of contracting a sexually-transmitted disease than you do of becoming pregnant.” 

And Pam goes on to say that the girls will look at her, incredulous to the reality of something far worse than being PREGNANT.  (http://www.prolife.com/stenzel.htm)

“Pregnancy won’t kill you. But an STD… that’s a different story.” she says.

This is why, when pro-choice advocates scoff at the idea of teaching our youth chastity and abstinence, I shake my head.  WHY NOT? 

Teach them how to “BE SAFE”???   Safe from what?
STD’s?  The data from above dispels that illusion. It even dispels the pregnancy illusion. 

 I don’t think that saying “they’re going to do it anyway” is a responsible way to teach our youth that there is such a thing as “safe” sex.  Because outside of a marriage that combines two people who’ve been abstinent up until that point, there is no such thing as safe sex.  No such thing.

 We need to have more faith that young people are more than just dogs or cats in heat.  They’re human, given their own free will.  The will to say, “No, I am worth more than that, and SO ARE YOU.”

It’s time to teach our youth the truth. 

Studies: Birth Control, Contraception Don’t Cut Abortions

“We don’t want word to get out to the negro population that we want to exterminate them” -Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood, to this day, stands by the statement of one of its former presidents: “we are proud of our past and planning for our future.”

If you go to PP’s website, their Mission Statement is:  ”a reason for being”

It’s sick. My stomach lurches when I see and hear friends of mine defend such an organization and ideology.  At this point, I believe I’ve come off as the looney who thinks “Planned parenthood is a conspiracy to kill off everyone”

The people who read me as this are partly right.  Planned Parenthood wants to kill people, it’s their business, duh.  But they only want to kill the “inferior race” and the “undesirable, human weeds”.
Also, it’s not a conspiracy.  It’s right out there in the open.  
Look at the facts, consider what a human being IS, the numbers, where PP is actually building their facilities, and how PP won’t help a woman in need unless she “needs” an abortion… .  It’s all out there, PP isn’t even being sneaky about it. They’re just using words, emotion and empowerment rhetoric to make people believe that PP has all the right tools to form a woman’s conscious when it comes to her “reproductive rights”

Also, it would do one well to study the word Eugenic, and do some more digging on Margaret Sanger. If Planned Parenthood is all about “choosing”, then it would be prudent to know the ideology behind the company who’s making money off of our “decision”.

The American Holocaust- when is it okay to kill a human being?

I (only) have two babies and am in the process of moving to a new house- I took the 30 minutes to watch this documentary and was amazed at the change in these individual’s logic by simply being asked the right questions. It’s about the Holocaust. Yes, the Nazi Germany Holocaust… But also about the American Holocaust. It’s about discrimination. It’s about life. If there’s even a fraction of a percent of a chance that a human life might be ended by your action, would you take it? Do you value all human life? Or do you only value your human life?

This documentary has the power to change lives, and save them too.

The American Holocaust- when is it okay to kill a human being?