What I Wore Sunday #5

FL&P hosting What I Wore Sunday again. The purpose of this link up isn’t to be fashionista-y (as I’ve proved I am not one here and here), but to help our fellow Catholic sisters (bros too!) feel like what they have in their closet IS enough for Mass even if it’s the same thing week after week– and not to feel like it’s not good enough because it doesn’t come from a store that doesn’t also sell grocery items.
No one but you remembers what you wore last Sunday, except you, girl wearing the beautiful sheer, turquoise tunic with white pants yesterday, I’ll remember what you wore. Sorry, it was so pretty! I hope you wear it again and again!

I stalked her down to ask where she got the shirt- hoping that she wouldn’t roll her eyes and trill off “I got it in Paris and you cahnt have it, dahling.”

Actually, I immediately detected embarrassment. She looked away and said, “umm I don’t remember…”
I pressed on, in agony that she “couldn’t remember” and she gave me a little more info: “umm… In the mall. I think it’s was… Maybe like, Charlotte Russe or something?”
I smiled, “great! So it’s not like terribly pricey. YES! thank you! I love the sleeves, the color, the length!”
And she seemed relieved that I wasn’t offended at her shopping venue of choice.
So. Sorry. I’ll remember that pretty shirt.

Whether your Sunday Best consists of a sheer turquoise tunic, or pink pants that you interchange with a handful of tops, then you’re in good company. Because… It’s the return of Mrs. Pink Pants!
Back again so soon? Well yes.


This week, I wore another maternity top. From H&M. When I discovered that they sell maternity, I rejoiced. The selection is slim pickinz but priced ay. oh. kay.
I got this shirt two pregnancies ago so I can’t remember the price exactly, but I believe it was $20 or under.


My husband took these photos and I wasn’t happy with them. We agreed to try later that day but it didn’t happen. Cause babies. So there you go. Goofy, awkward me, frowning at the intense sunshine in photo #1, and holding a pacifier in photo #2.

Go visit FL&P and find some sunday best inspiration from the other church-goers!
But come back soon for some photos of me with a beard. A coffee ground beard.


What I Wore Sunday #4

Happy Sunday youse guys! Here we are with Fine Linen & Purple, and Camp Patton, apparently, (she does a “Sunday Best” link up of which I have been regretfully oblivious for quite some time now) to share what we wore to Mass!

 And now we approach the moment I knew would come after like, two weeks: the totality of my wardrobe.Within a few weeks, I’ll run out of “original” outfits and then it becomes a game of shuffling and creative accessorizing.

 And I am not good at that.

 I am probably the most uncreative artist you’ll ever know. Tell me to draw something, and I’ll draw it. I’ll take a photo of it. GIVE me the genius and I can execute.
 But tell me to come up with a fresh idea… And my mind runs around in circles like a chicken with it’s head cut off. BAKAAAAAGH!

I’ll try to keep posting despite my dry creativity just to show how much of a big deal it really ISN’T to find something to wear to church that’s appropriate and comfortable and easy for the girl who wakes up and realizes she never took the load of laundry containing her Sunday Best out of the washing machine …three days ago.


This is the best shot I could get with my timed shutter release app and iPhone gingerly balanced on our car, so please excuse my closed eyes. I found this dress at Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet for 20 buckaroos. The fabric is lovely and after two washes, hasn’t shrunk up on my legs. I always fear a dress or long skirt shrinking in length, leaving me with a flood skirt.

Toss on an old cardi from the JCrew Outlet, I’ve got my shoulders covered and I’m good to go! (After the 400 yard hike back to the car after Mass, it was also the first thing to go!)

Behind me is the namesake of our residence. My oldest lovingly refers to it as “Bumpy Bridge”

Bonne journée à tous!