{NFP Awareness Week} Deetailz, minor Deetailz.

Well crikey, youse guys. My blog rejoiced -REJOICED I tell you- in receiving a fat daddy influx of visitors yesterday. SIX TIMES MORE than my average visitors per day. Crikey. I suppose I wrote something interesting, no? Well I’m afraid … Continue reading

{NFP Awareness Week} NO H8, EDUCATE.

“–You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!” “What, Mom? What is it???” My 4 year old standing in the bathroom door advanced toward me as I looked up from the toilet. “Oh– QUICK! I need more toilet paper, can you … Continue reading


This series of articles is written by a Cathsorority sister, Katie.  She’s a medical student and explains NFP in such a way that it’s easy for anyone to understand what it’s about.  I hope anyone who thinks they “know” what NFP is, but has never actually read about it, to check these well-written articles out.  NFP is not the Rhythm Method.  It’s much more in-depth than that.  It is an amazing science and I’d say an imperative tool for women to use if they are interested in seeking total health.  Check it out, you’ve got nothing to lose but knowledge.